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Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

Motor Homes and Travel Trailers are considered vehicles by the Texas Department of Transportation.  Please see the sections on this website as they provide general information on vehicles that are applicable to motor homes.  However, motor homes present special problems because the warranties are usually very short and are divided into the motor portion and the home portion.   This leads to the home warrantor pointing the finger for a particular problem at the motor warrantor and vice versa.   There are also “gray areas” such as the electrical system which may be part of both.     A bad motor home also involves a LOT of small problems that are usually considered cosmetic, (i.e. the shower door will not close) or that may be attributable to improper operation (i.e. the sink flooded because the gray water discharge was not properly set up.)    Because motor homes are much more expensive and harder to resell than passenger vehicles, motor home manufacturers are generally less willing to repurchase a problem motor home than are manufacturers of passenger vehicles.   If you have a bad motor home you may wish to consult an attorney to help you even if you have a simple problem.




Motorcycles in Texas are considered motor vehicles if they are licensed to drive on public highways.    While there are some obvious differences such as the life of the motorcycle in miles or years, the law treats motorcycles in almost teh same way that it does other vehicles.  To that extent, see the basic information on New or Used Vehicles.    Offroad motorcycles and ATVs are treated somewhat differently.   There are still remedies for these defective or unsafe products but there is no Lemon Law and certain remedies of the Texas Transportation Code may not apply.   However, give me a call if you have a defective off road vehicle.

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