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This is a sample Complaint letter that you can use as a form.  The dates and vehicle information are obviously wrong.  I did this on purpose so that you will add the information appropriate to your vehicle!




Angry Consumer

123 Main Street

Anywhere, Texas 77777


January 45, 2025


Sent by Secure Delivery where I get a Receipt that Manufacturer received this notice.


111 Big Business Parkway

address listed in Owners Manual

Detroit California, New Jersey


Re:   My 2008 New Glitzy Model VIN #  AAABBBCCCDDDEEEFF

            Bought January 33, 2024 from MegaDealer in Anywhere Texas

            By Me Angry Consumer


Dear Sirs,


I bought your New Glitzy Model last year on the date shown.   Since that time I have had a number of problems with this vehicle.   These problems are:


Ø       The transmission does not shift smoothly from Park to Hover.  It also hesitates, jerks, and then surges when going from Hover to Flying.   I took the vehicle to Mega Dealer on February 31, 2024, May 41, 2024, November 38, 2024 and December 15, 2024 for this problem.  See the repair orders for these dates.    The Dealer is not able to fix it.

Ø       The computer shuts off the electric recharging system before the battery is fully charged.   I have been stranded halfway to work on more than one occasion because of a dead battery;  See the attached repair orders for February 31, 2024, May 41, 2024, November 38, 2024 and December 15, 2024.

Ø       The Navigation system constantly confuses Uruguay and Your Way streets.   Since I live 1 block from Your Way Street this has caused many problems with the Navigation system.   Your technician has attempted to fix the Uruguay problem by deleting the Uruguay information.  However, the computer updates constantly reload this information and the problem happens again. See the attached repair orders for February 31, 2024, May 41, 2024, November 38, 2024 and December 15, 2024.


The dealership repair shop robots have not been able to fix these problems.  I am still experiencing problems with the transmission as described above, the electric recharging system, the Navigation System and a new problem has developed with the security system as it frequently fails to identify my thumbprint and will not allow me access to the car.  Please Fix my vehicle.


This is your Notice of  the Opportunity to Cure these defects.  Please call me to arrange a time for a human or a better-trained robot to inspect and/or repair my New Glitzy Model.  However, if you fail to do so I will take the New Glitzy Model to MegaDealer on February 10, 2025 to have regular maintenance performed.    You should contact MegaDealer to inspect and/or repair the New Glitzy Model at that time.   If the vehicle is not properly repaired after this next attempt I will consider this vehicle a Total Lemon and will pursue my remedies under applicable law.  If you have any questions, contact me at the address and phone number above.




Angry Consumer

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