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  (Sent via CERTIFIED RETURN MAIL  #123 456 789 with RETURN RECEIPT)


October 7, 2007


  XYZ Collection Agency/Law Firm

 1234 Main Street, #100

 Any town, USA 10021


 Re: File #0000000 - ABC Bank - #4445566778899000 -For: $5555.55


 Dear Debt Collector /Debt Collector Attorney:   



 This will serve as your legal notice under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection   Practices Act (FDCPA) 15 USC §1692c, to cease all communication with me in regard to the debt referenced above.


 This will also serve as your notice to verify the debt as required by FDCPA pursuant to 15 USC 1692g. Please provide the information provided by that law.


The debt is also disputed.   You should cease collection of the debt until you verify the debt by obtaining a copy of the debt and/or judgment.   Sufficient verification of the debt should include a copy of any agreement which bears my signature, the most recent statement before you claim that the account became delinquent, and, if the account is no longer owned by the original creditor, a copy of any document which evidences the transfer of the account from the original creditor to your or your principal and any party in between.


You are also notified that you shall cease collection efforts pending this verification.    Please note that reporting the debt to a Credit Reporting Agency (as that phrase is defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act)  is considered a debt collection activity.




John J. Consumer


NOTE:   This is an attempt to make a debt collector obey the law.  Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.





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